Three days ago, the leaders of the four political parties who are signatories to the Przhino Agreement came to the decision to postpone the early parliamentary elections which were scheduled for April 24, for the later date, June 5.

Here are the time and the dates which need to be respected.

  • April 7 (60 days before elections) – According to the Constitution, Parliament must dissolve
  • April 22 – The State Election Commission must publicly inspect the voters’ list
  • May 6 – The State Election Commission should publish the Polling Stations
  • May 12 – The public inspection of the voters’ list should be completed
  • May 13 – Full lists of MPs should be published in the daily press
  • May 16 – The election campaign starts and should end on June 4
  • May 17 – The SEC will submit the electoral list of the political, and then, in tun within 5 days, until May 19, must submit a request for entering, adding or deleting data
  • May 21 – The SEC will sign off on the Electoral Roll, or the voters’ list used for voting
  • June 2 – The State Election Commission has to submit the electoral material to the Municipal Election Committees
  • June 4 – Municipal Election Committees are obliged to hand over the election material to Polling Stations across the Republic of Macedonian
  • June 5 – Early Parliamentary Elections