The board of directors at the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has approved the new Strategy for its engagement in this country for the next 5 years until 2024 only a few months after the Agreement for solving the name dispute and a strategic partnership with Greece entered into force,

As a result of the hopes of the speeding up the process of EU accession and with the greater trust from the investors, the new Strategy stresses that the tempo of the implementation of future reforms is key.

“The chances of speeding up the integration into the Euro-Atlantic structures especially the EU accession continue to be the key bedrock for structural reforms and stabilization factor” states the document.

The document also stresses that due to the improved relations with Greece and the neighbors “contribute to an increased trust on part of the investors.”

EBRD’s Strategy for this country calls this moment “a historical crossroad” and states that “many things will depend on the current capacity and the tempo of reformatory efforts for directing the country on the path of sustainable and inclusive growth.”

EBRD’s strategic priorities for the next five years are to provide support for competitiveness by improving the chain of values, the upgrade of workers’ skills and strengthening of management, strengthening of the regional integration, a soft connection and support for the EU accession and support of the transition towards a greener economy through sustainable energy combinations and a greater resource efficiency.

The regional integration will be a guiding light that will help navigate EBRD’s investments and the activities related to policies, and a special accent will be given to researching the synergies with activities that the bank has with the neighboring economies.

EBRD is the leading investor in this country and until now it has invested approximately 2 billion euros in 115 projects.