E-society.mk: Internet is the freest media


Metamorphosis Foundation organized 10th anniversary international conference “E-society.mk” on topic “Human Rights on the Internet – Freedom of expression, hate speech and privacy in the digital world”. A handbook on privacy protection and responsible use of the Internet, as well as the mobile application “nemrazi.mk” for reporting hate speech on social networks and information about events related to the fight against hate speech, were promoted at the conference.

The conference was opened by the Ambassador of France in the Republic of Macedonia, Laurence Auer, who stressed the importance of human rights in the age of the rise of the Internet and new technologies.

– More than a billion people are connected to the Internet today. Internet access should be considered a basic human right, and we all need to protect it. Our personal data is really precious, and the space of individual freedom should be protected. The civil society, education and the public sector are concerned here – said Auer.

According to the Minister of Information Society Ivo Ivanovski, when we are connected to the Internet, we need to be careful of our actions.

– People register on services and applications without reading their rights and obligations and without knowing what will happen to their data. The citizens should be educated to know their rights and obligations when using the Internet. Social networks pictures are an additional problem when it comes to privacy. There are many cases of broken marriages, canceled business agreements, violated privacy and also there are a number of lawsuits, particularly with shooting streets via Google Street View because the picture is on the Internet without the consent of the person – said Ivanovski.

Metamorphosis Director Bardhyl Jashari underlined that we shouldn’t be afraid of the Internet, but that it should remain free through education and raising awareness of safe and responsible use.

– It is extremely important to promote freedom of expression on the Internet because the Internet in Macedonia remains the freest media and one of the few places where people can freely express their opinions and thus to contribute their views on important social issues – said Jashari.

The conference was conducted under the project “Decentralized cooperation between the Region Lower Normandy and the Republic of Macedonia” in cooperation with the International Institute of Human Rights and Peace from Caen and it represents a continuation of the long-term cooperation of Metamorphosis Foundation and the region of Lower Normandy in field of human rights.

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