Many of the Dutch tourists who are vacationing in Macedonia have gotten ill with a mysterious virus which causes vomiting and diarrhea, reports the online edition of NL Times.

The paper cites that two thirds of Dutch tourists are stuck in toilets in the hotels Izgrev Spa and Akva Park instead of enjoying themselves on the beach.

– The dining room is nearly empty. There is only one person at almost all the tables, because their companions are in their rooms- said Rina Top – Bouver for the Dutch newspaper Telegraf.

Koen van Besouw who took his family t one of the hotels has said the same for N-O-S.
– I saw only few people at the tables. All were Dutch. When I asked what has happened, they said they are sick with diarrhea. Almost 80 percent of the Dutch guests in the hotel are sick at the moment- said Besow, adding that they have gotten sick as well in the last four days.

The hotel has 700 guests. 290 are Dutch who had come with an agency named Koredon.

Thus far 20 people have reported with the agency that they are sick, all treated with diarrhea.

The agency’s director Atolaj Uslu commented for Telegraf that the virus probably came from “something in the pool.” He added that he is not a doctor and he couldn’t be certain about the cause of the ailment.

Meta contacted the hotel from where they confirmed there has been a stomach virus in the past few days, which infected their personnel as well.

– There was a virus but in the last two days we haven’t had anyone get sick – was the comment from hotel Izgrev. They added that they can’t exclude the possibility of food poisoning, although the case hasn’t been reported to any institution.

The general hospital in Struga has confirmed of stomach virus cases in the city.

– Few days ago we had a patient who received infusion, but we haven’t had a rush of patient. Few days ago our emergency team was in the hotel and they intervened there- said Mentor Ibraimi, the hospital’s director.

The concessioner of Izgrev Spa and Akva Park is the tourist agency Fibula Air Travel, in 2012 signed a deal with the Skopje branch of the Macedonian Orthodox Church to operate the hotel in the next 50 yeas.