DUI has issued a statement with which it informed that it remains to its stance that “the inclusion of international experts in an all-encompassing investigation for revealing all issues in the case of Kumanovo” after the verdicts were announced today at Basic Court Skopje 1 for the 30 accused persons in the “Divo Naselje” case.

“The trial and the evidence have caused many dilemmas to surface about the organizers and the motives in this difficult case. That is why the citizens have to know the whole truth. Part of the evidence and the materials that the citizens had the opportunity to be acquainted with via the media, point at the alleged involvement of representatives of the highest state institutions in the communication with the main protagonists in this event” said DUI.

The party has called upon the MOI to invite international experts int he investigation of the case and to commence a communication and cooperation with the authorities in Kosovo and Albania in order to exchange information for the case to be solved completely