DUI: Ivanov must reconsider his decision, the declaration does not violate the Constitution


“The joint statement of the parliamentary Albanian parties in Macedonia is a joint document of the Albanian political parties in Macedonia, prepared and signed in Skopje, as a summary of the election programs of all our parliamentary parties and in no way does it impose any kind of external factor”, reads the statement by DUI after yesterday’s meeting of the Central Presidency of the party, where DUI decided to join the new government led by SDSM.

DUI said the joint statement of the Albanian parliamentary parties was in the spirit of the Ohrid Agreement and the Constitution of the country and in no way does it affect the integrity of the country and nor does it endanger the unitary character of the constitutional order of the country.

DUI urged all political parties to refrain from turning the political crisis into an inter ethnic conflict.

“We call on Mr Ivanov, in accordance with his constitutional obligations as well as his request during the consultations with all parliamentary parties, to award the mandate to form a government to the new parliamentary majority confirmed by the signatures of 67 members of the Parliament of Macedonia. At the same time, we urge Mr. Ivanov, as well as the political parties in Macedonia, to be moderate and cautious in their statements, in order not to jeopardize the common future of the citizens of Macedonia “, emphasized DUI.

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