DUI gives its signatures to SDSM and will think about joining their coalition


DUI will give its signatures to SDSM to form a new government, but those signatures won’t mean that DUI will enter into a coalition with SDSM. This was announced yesterday by DUI’s spokesperson Bujar Osmani during DUI’s Central Presidency session, who are still debating. Osmani said that the Central Presidency will continue with the debate, but the signatures were given in order to unblock certain processes and to meet the deadlines for the local elections.

-For now, we give our support for a mandate, to unblock certain processes, because it is not in the interest of the state for the local elections to be postponed. But that won’t mean that we have an agreement for a coalition. If we decide to take part in the government then the programs will have to be adjusted. There are arguments for and against this option and I can’t say which one dominates, but this evening I don’t expect that this sort of decision will be brought this evening. Granting signatures doesn’t mean an agreement for a government, but it means starting a process for negotiations for a government if we decide for an option to participate in the government – said Osmani.

Otherwise, this afternoon, the party’s spokesperson Bujar Osmani announced that today the Central Presidency at DUI’s headquarters in Mala Rechica, will discuss both options. The first is where DUI will be a part of the government coalition led by SDSM, and the second option is for DUI to provide support for a minority government, where the party will be in the opposition i.e. its party representatives will not be a part of the executive authorities.

According to him, the goal of this option is to reject all doubts that anyone might have regarding DUI’s work so far, because, as he said, DUI is not only a political party but a movement as well.
Previously, even DUI’s party leader Ali Ahmeti announced that today at the party’s Central Presidency meeting, he will be discussing the option where DUI will be on the opposition’s side in the future Parliament.

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