The DUI party has filed a motion to the Constitutional Court to assess the constitutionality of the decision to dissolve Parliament, confirmed the party’s spokesperson Bujar Osmani, for “Meta”.

They have requested that the Constitutional Court assess the dissolution of Parliament as unconstitutional, which would allow Parliament to convene again.

Sources within the Constitutional Court told “Meta” that time is too short for a decision on the motion from DUI for Parliament.

Judges of the Constitutional Court doubt that anything can be done until June 5, by which time it would be desirable to have a decision, because after this date the motion would be legally unfounded. They say that after the application they should receive a response from Parliament, then the constitutional judges should write a report, which would then be considered at a session.

This morning the President of DUI, Ali Ahmeti, after meeting with German special envoy to Macedonia, Johannes Haindl said he consulted domestic and foreign experts on how one can make Parliament operational after its dissolution.

He said that he informed Haindl that currently there are no conditions for holding the elections on June 5th.

“With Haindl, we talked about the political crisis, and about the Przhino Agreement. DUI presents its views on the resolution of the political crisis. Regarding the elections of June 5, we believe that it would not our country’s interest. We are looking for ways to reconvene Parliament. We informed Mr Haindl that we are taking all measures in accordance with consultations from legal experts from the country and abroad as to how to legally re-activate Parliament, and make it operational again. When you work, you open many other issues”, said Ahmeti.