DUI condemns the latest incident in Struga where Argetim Hasani (Artan Musliu)- Vice President of UJP (Public Revenue Office) Struga, was gunned down. The party claims he is not a member of DUI and his murder can not be related in any way with the armed incident in Kumanovo in which Komandant Shkiponja was also murdered.
DUI claims that Hasani wasn’t member of the party, rather was a member of Demokracia e Re.

Nova TV reported that Hasani wasn’t paying taxes in years and that his companies had owned millions of denari in taxes.

The suspect in the murder was taken into custody in Struga under the allegation of committing the murder. He was taken to the police station in Ohrid. The investigation is underway.

The police has not released the identity of the suspect. The weapon that was used in the shooting has been found. According to initial information the suspect didn’t negate the attack, but the police is still withholding his name nor the cause for murdering Hasani.