DS, DOM, APM and PDP request they are admitted as Action groups to the Przhino Agreemet talks


The Democratic Alliance, the Party for the Democratic Renewal of Macedonia, the Alliance for Positive Macedonia and the Party for Democratic Prosperity had sent an official letter to the ambassadors of the European Union, the United States, OSCE and to the Beldian facilitator in the talks, Peter van Houte, in which they demand that the smaller parties along with the civil sector be included in the negotiations for changes in the election laws.

“We are witnesses that Republic of Macedonia falls cyclically in deep political crisis that have negative consequences on the rule of law, on basic human rights and freedoms, on the advancement of democracy, on the stability of the country and on its Euro-Atlantic processes. These crises, among other things, also occur because of the electoral model, that is, because Macedonia is divided on six electoral units, granting political domination to one party. This creates a one-party system in Macedonia where the judicial and legislative branches are suspended and where the mechanisms for control and accountability from the Government are removed,” says in the letter sent by these parties.

According to them, each elections, the electoral model allows 100,000 votes to be lost on the small parties. They suggest the division of the mandates for members to the Assembly should be according to the votes that are won. They say there should be open electoral lists, as well as secured mandates to all ethnic communities based on the constitutional tenet for equal and lawful representation of all groups in state and government bodies.

The letter is signed by Pavle Trajanov of the Democratic Alliance, Liljana Popovska of DOM, the deputy president of APM, Rubin Zemon and Muhamed Halili of PDP.

The signatories are calling on all other political parties, civil and non-government organizations to support the initiative.

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