In the first five months of this year, the Ministry of Interior (MOI), which is responsible for the Reception Center for Foreigners in the settlement Gazi Baba, spent 6.8 million denars or about 111,000 euros for accommodation of illegal immigrants, who were caught by the police on the territory of the country, said representatives of the Ministry for META.

According to Deputy Minister of Public Relations at Ministry of Interior Ivo Kotevski, this amount is spent on food, fuel, heating, water, electricity, or needs that are necessary for the accommodation of the persons in the center.

– These funds do not include health care and other needs that may arise. This amount does not include any costs that MOI has in implementing the actions and controls to detect illegal immigrants – said Kotevski.

According to the calculation, since the beginning of the year, MOI spent 1.4 million denars per month, or around 46,000 denars per day, for the accommodation of the immigrants in the center.

MOI couldn’t specify how many immigrants are currently residing in the center.

– The situation at the center is constantly changing and we cannot announce a precise figure – said Kotevski.

At the press conference on Friday last week, Ombudsman said that the capacity of the center in Gazi Baba is 120 people, but during their visit, a day before, they found 364 refugees, three times more than the capacity, who were accommodated in extremely poor conditions.