Drisla landfill will stop incinerating medical waste next month


This summer, the first quantities of medical waste will be sterilized at Drisla landfill, that services Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia. The new unit that the landfill has acquired will start working from next month, which means the procedure for burning waste created by COVID-19 centers and other medical institutions in Macedonia will finally be abandoned. Drisla’s incinerator, which has been used for waste disposal until now will be turned off and will be used for burning documents. With sterilization, medical waste will be deposited as communal and the possibilities of pollution will be minimal.

Preparatory works for the new unit

The landfill Drisla has acquired the new technology last month. It’s an autoclave by the Italian company CISA which uses an innovative, completely automatized system with high technology and has a capacity of 2.000 liters i.e. it can treat 350 kg waste in one hour and can satisfy the landfill’s daily requirements.

Photo: Arbnora Memeti

The old incinerator which was donated by the United Kingdom in the year 2000, was one of the bigger air polluters and was the reason why two years ago Drisla was fined by the State Environmental Inspectorate and was ordered to put new incineration furnace filter. The new system for treatment of medical waste is equipped with a shredder that is decreasing the waste volume by up to 80% with a dry vacuum pump which can help save the water by up to 98%, including a system for energy saving that at the same time provides environmental security and is not allowing the air that is emitted from the sterilizer to pollute the environment.

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