“Todorov Resign”, Go away Nikola”,”Stop the dictatorship” and “Everyday at 6” were the slogans citizens shouted while they protested outside the main Government building under the protest motto “Enough!”

“What we began on May the 5th, must continue because our demands were not met. We are witnessing the disintegration of our institutions, which reflects the fatally of our lives. It is happening in the health system rather than healing people they are left to die. So we are here to say enough of what is happening and ask the institutions to function in the interest of the people. I hope we our revolt is enough as our goals are met and that we will be here every day at six o’clock” said Goce Markovski from “Solidarity”.

Representatives of the “Student plenum” said citizens need to stand up, because “politicians negotiate for themselves, not for us and they certainly do not care for our future.”

“We are Horrified by what is happening to the Macedonian health system. In three days, two mothers die along with their babies. They put a price on education and their children carry on to go the most elite universities . They have drained the health system while they get treated in private hospitals. The best medical students are sent out of this country, and they employed party puppets as so-called professionals. I want effective justice, I want the best medical students to stay here and for them to be able to work for the benefit of citizens – says Mariglen Demiri from the “Student plenum.”

The citizens wanted the protests to continue to the Ministry of Health or before the MP’s Clubhouse, where at the moment talks are being held between the working group of parties, but decided to finish off before the Government which sent a message that they will continue to protest every day at 18 o’clock.