“Microsoft Day” which was dedicated to the civil sector on the subject “Technology in the cloud is helping the society” took place today at Skopje Fairs Congress Center.

Representatives from the civil sector had the opportunity to learn more on how to receive software donations and a donation worth $5,000 dollars for the Microsoft program “Microsoft Azure”, for support of the civil sector on part of the “Metamorphosis” Foundation, through the „Теchsoup Balkans“ platform.

At the event’s opening, Executive Director of the “Metamorphosis” Foundation, Bardhyl Jashari said that the goal of this event is to bring technology closer to the NGO sector.

“The technology and the implementation of new software solutions are not the goal itself. They should serve the non-government organizations in order for them to organize their missions and activities in an efficient way. Technology is changing, and non-government organizations have to be up to date with the latest technological software and platforms and to exchange knowledge about the challenges they face on a daily basis. The non-government sector is changing rapidly and it’s versatile, this is the place where technology can play a major role. Local organizations, whether they’re in a city or village, thanks to technology and they can cooperate nationally and internationally. Geographical and sector borders are disappearing thanks to technology. NGOs are seeking ways of networking, cooperation and the use of new technologies to better cater to the community in which they operate”, said Jashari.

The manager of Microsoft’s educational programs in Macedonia, Albania, and Kosovo, Vlora Ademi said that this is the fourth conference that has been organized and there has been great interest from non-government organizations.

“And not just non-government organizations but any company, institution, we are all software companies. Each is dependent on technology. The non-government sector is the main supporter of a large number of conditions in a single society and it has its purpose. The work is challenging and the technology will allow them to realize their mission easily”, said Ademi.

At the conference,  a presentation was held by Aleksandar Vasilevski of the Association of citizens for the support of people with special needs – SOLEM.

During the presentation, he showed that Microsoft’s tools and technology are not made just for the benefit of non-government organizations, but can be used by individuals with mental disabilities.

The Metamorphosis Foundation is assisting all organizations in the implementation of all technological solutions.

It’s about organizations that most often work on solving social problems in order to use all the tools to improve the quality of living.

For an acquisition of software applications through this platform and how to receive donations please register at www.techsoupbalkans.org/mk/user/register.