Divo Nasalje: The numbers and the facts


This morning in Kumanovo and near Skopje there was another police operation to arrest collaborators of the terrorist group that was infiltrated in Divo Naselje, in Kumanovo.

The police operation began in the settlement in Kumanovo on the morning of May the 9th, the day originally scheduled for VMRO-DPMNE to gather for a public party congress but party sources said it had been postponed “for security and operational purposes” and the congress was held on the 2nd and the 3rd of May.

The Police operation caught up with President Gjorge Ivanov who was in Moscow, a celebration of the Day of Victory over Fascism, who had to cut short his visit to Russia.

MOI then announced that the operation had taken place in Kumanovo because of a “very well-armed and trained terrorist group that had planned attacks on state institutions.”

Many questions remian about the police operation in Kumanovo even after five months. These are the known facts:

  • Eight members of a special police unit were killed and 37 were wounded;

  • The Criminal-terrorist group had forty members;

  • The fight with the police killed 10 members of the group (this figure, which comes from the Prosecution does not correspond with that which came from the MIO. According to them, 14 lifeless bodies of the terrorists were found in Divo Naselje)

  • After the fighting the police the remaining 28 terrorists then surrendered

  • As leaders of the group were identified, Muhammad Krasniqi the commander dubbed Maliseva, Mirsad Ndrecaj, nicknamed commander NATO, Sammy Ukshini known as Commander Sokoli, Rijai Bey, known as Commander Begu and Deme Shehu alias Junik;

  • The same group was responsible for the attack on the checkpoint in Goshince on April the 21st

  • The group was planning attacks on government and civilian targets;

  • In the vicinity of the village of Brest, in a bunker in an open space stolen weapons were found from the watchtower from Goshince (the place where one of those arrested in the police operation in Kumanovo, which, according to information from the media, the authorities will neither confirmed nor deny that the suspect managed to escape from police custody)

  • One of those arrested from the terrorist group was employed at the Ministry of Interior (Authorities confirmed this information after the media put the pressure on for information)

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