The Serbian portal “Telegraf” has published an article that reveals details of the conversation of the talk that Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev had with Kosovar President Hashim Tacci regarding the deceit with the telephone talks that Zaev had with the false President Poroshenko and the NATO’s Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg.

The portal, which called upon news from Prishtina reported by Tanjug agency, it de facto passes on a statement by Hashim Tacci during conversations with local journalists and there are details revealed of what Zaev and Tacci spoke about, what was true and what was not, in the news about the swindle that was reported by the Russian agency Sputnik”

Even though the news originates from Prishtina and not a word was said about Zaev’s statements in North Macedonia about the same matter, Telegraf has published the text with a manipulative title “Zaev justified himself to Tacci and for now still no apologies to Vuchic”

The article was published on the 11th of July 2019, at 13.10h. The timing is important because two hours earlier most of the media in the country reported about Zaev’s statement where he mentions that he spoke with Tacci and that he exchanged text messages with Vuchic. Most of the media reported about the news with titles such as “Zaev apologized to Vuchic and Tacci” which can be seen from the accumulated content at the news aggregate while some media, apart from articles, have published videos.