The opposition party Besa is in a deep discord after two parallel meetings of the highest party organ, the Central Council – one in Skopje and another in Tetovo – where diametrical opposed decisions were made. Bilal Kasami was replaced at the rally in Skopje due to the “political decline of the party” and a congress was announced on February 21st, and in Tetovo a decision was made to reconvene the congress three days later where the the current leader will continue to lead the party.

Parallel gatherings followed after the resignation of the vice-president of the party was submitted by ex-MP Zeqiri Ibrahimi.

At the session of the Central Council held in Skopje, attended by 64 out of 106 members of this highest party body, the oldest party official, MP Nexhbedin Karemani, was appointed temporary president of the party. From the gathering in Skopje, on February 21st, a party congress was scheduled, where the new leadership will have to be selected.

In Tetovo, the attendees decided to hold the congress on February 24th, and until then, current president, Bilal Kasami will continue to run the party.

In the parliamentary elections which were held in December 2016, Besa won five seats. Before the local elections, with the announcement of their mayoral candidacies, Kasami and Ibrahimi resigned their previous parliamentary functions.