Dimovski: Our position on the “3-6-9” plan has changed due to political revanchism

MP from VMRO-DPMNE, Ilija Dimovski, said that the party’s position in support of government reforms for the plan “3-6-9” has changed, TV “Alsat-M” reports.

Dimovski added that this recent change was affected by recent developments, ie the annulment of the immunity of the six MPs from VMRO-DPMNE.

“SDSM showed that there is no need for opposition in Parliament. From now on everything is possible. Our attitude has changed a lot, because of the political revanchism”,says Dimovski.

On December 1st, Parliament approved the request made by the Basic Court Skopje to revoke the immunity and to detain MPs Krsto Mukovski, Ljuben Arnaudov, Johan Tarculovski, Sašo Vasilevski, Ljupco Dimovski and Žaklina Peshevska, because of their participation in the violence that occurred on April 27th, this year Parliament.

Earlier, the opposition’s stance was that it would support the government’s reforms that would speed up the process of state integration into NATO and the European Union.