“Yesterday’s meeting of the Action group was number seven. At the previous meetings, SDSM representatives would show up and immediately leave or they didn’t come at all. The reason why the public hasn’t been informed about those meetings was to ensure there would be a better quality of discussion,” was the statement given by VMRO-DPMNE MP Ilija Dimovski, reports „Plusinfo“.

On the question how he would comment about the claims SDSM had made regarding the Public Prosecutor’s investigation of the tapped telephone conversations that the opposition released in recent times, he responded:

-You can never be clear with SDSM. Until yesterday they found fault with the Public Prosecutor for not undertaking any activities regarding that case and now they are against that. One thing is clear, the Prosecutorship, the courts and all other state institutions are independent and act according to the law.

Asked by a journalist whether it is expected of SDSM to return to the Assembly, as was agreed on the last meeting in Przhino, Dimovski emphasized that the opposition belongs there.

-It is a pity that they were absent all this time and that they didn’t participate. That is the place for discussion, for talks and agreements. I hope that they will return to the Parliament- said the coordinator of the parliamentary group of VMRO-DPMNE.