In the negotiations with Greece, we need to act positively and not with shallow nationalism, said today in Prilep the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov. He visited the city in order to provide support for the mayoral candidate, Ilija Jovanovski.

The Head of Macedonian diplomacy said that the main catch in the negotations with Greece regarding the name dispute is to act positively in order not to increase the blockade.

-Our main approach is to take away the arguments that would toughen the blockade and not to give arguments that would entrench the blockade, to work on returning old friends and to gain new ones, since in order to be able to solve this problem we have to have friends – said Dimitrov.

He doesn’t see a reason to give harsh criticism because that would signify shallow nationalism that would keep Macedonia several years in delay.

-My task is to get the maximum out of the situation. For such an important issue all of us will have to see the situation as it is. It is very easy to give a harsh statement against Greece and to be “the hero of Prilep” but how will it reflect on the future of Macedonia and where shall we see each other in 5 years from now? Shallow nationalism is defeating the country’s national interests – said Dimitrov.