The constant interference in the Republic of Macedonia’s internal affairs damages the good neighbourly relations and is contrary to European values, said the acting Prime Minister on his Facebook page which was directly aimed at the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama.

“Interfering won’t help Albania, whose citizens expect you to deal with the weaknesses in governing and the economy not to help Macedonia, which citizens want a sovereign and independent country within its present borders. These citizens are paying the price of your apparent ambitions to redefine Macedonia instead of reforming Albania within its present borders. It won’t help the political parties in Macedonia who you act as a mentor to but inappropriately and underestimating. I am convinced that even without your interference we will find solutions to the challenges we face. Finally, it is very incorrect to stir up a nationalistic fire”, said Dimitriev.

The acting Prime Minister, which was assigned this duty with the Przino Agreement, said that the Albanian language is widely spread in Macedonia and that the state has invested enormous sums in promoting the language and the cultures of various communities.

Dimitriev also said that the Macedonian citizens regardless of their ethnic and religious origins have gotten over many crises in its history and that they will get over this one as well.