After meeting with the Ambassadors of the US and the EU in Macedonia, Jess Bailey and Aivo Orav, Interim Prime Minister, Emil Dimitriev stressed that “there is enough time and facilities until April 24 to organize free and fair elections in which all parties should have confidence.”

“They will be fair, democratic and credible elections and in accordance with European standards. The standards are clear and precise, there are conditions and there is time and resources for everything to be arranged. The SEC has a clear mandate and all members of the SEC have a responsibility to the Constitution, the laws and the people of our country, to fulfil its obligation on time. This is particularly important since it is clear that the four parties established the Election Law which resolved all aspects of elections”, Dimitirev said at a press conference in the Government building.
Regarding the electoral roll he noted that he was informed that “all parties except SDSM renounced all amendments that they had submitted”.