Dimitriev scolds Rama on Facebook


While my colleague in Albania is pulling out scenarios from “his sleeve” such as the unification of Kosovo and Albania, until European integration falls apart for the country’s of this region, his team of lawyers are trying to justify the thesis that what Rama wants, is election points at home, by brutal interference into Macedonia’s processes of a “friendly nature”, said interim Prime Minister Emil Dimitriev on his Facebook profile.

“Such irresponsibility from a socialist who is openly fueling nationalism! While confusion reigns among politicians in the region, whether they really support a friendly manner in the region or not, we see the future of Macedonia in the European Union and we do not have a dilemma in regards to that strategic priority. These kind of statements are not in favour for good neighbourly relations and building friendly relations. Even the European Union has no dilemmas that the future of the country’s in the region are in the EU. It’s only Rama and his team that obviously thinks he gets an alternative election and will cover his domestic weaknesses”, said Dimitriev.

According to the interim Prime Minister, territorial shaping, unification or separation is not the direction for greater stability, peace or prosperity.

“Each country from the region is a sovereign state, the main goal should be the standard for the citizens within each country’s borders. The future of the region is not the unification of the two states or more territories, the future is in uniting everyone under European values”, added Dimitriev.

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