We can not change the census for a referendum, said Justice Minister Renata Deskoska addressing at the third session of the Ohrid School of Natural Law on Good Governance and Legal Reform, organized by the Center for Strategic Research at the Macedonian Academy of Sciences science and arts.

“The essential component that creates the mosaic of the rule of law is the supremacy of the Constitution. We saw that the Constitution so far has been a piece of paper that has been trampled on and it has not been respected – the new government’s effort is that the Constitution should be a sacred letter that we need to implement in our everyday life. Being a lawyer and as a minister now, recently I have head various issues about whether we can change the census for Referendum? We can not, because the census is a constitutional category. If we strive for the rule of law and respect the Constitution, we can not change anything that is absolutely constitutionally guaranteed”, Deskoska stressed, and added that the Constitution was adopted with a wider consensus, and as such, it should tie-up any ruling party’s hands, that in any time it would like to come out of its frame.