The Minister of Justice, Renata Deskoska said that there is no progress in the negotiations on the Law on public prosecution, after the meeting between the working group ended.

-We talked about the issues that were open since the very start among which is the status of the cases led by SPO. The key unsurmountable difference refers to this very issue. The other side wishes these cases not to end unfavorably. Our red lines state that justice has to be done regardless of who will finish it – stressed Deskoska.

She also said that their proposal is that these cases to be transferred and to continue from the point at which SPO has arrived at and that there shouldn’t be any delaying and postponements in the procedures.

-We proposed that the objections that VMRO-DPMNE has should be submitted as amendments. The LAw will enter tomorrow in a parliamentary procedure, and the amendments should be submitted by Thursday. I hope that all political parties will put an effort to think of the future of our country on its road towards Euro integrations and this law will pass – stressed Deskoska.

According to her, the charges against Katica Janeva in the Racket case mustn’t cast a shadow over the institutions she worked for.