The group of protesters arrived in front of the Public Office of the President Gjorge Ivanov in the city center and bombarded the building with eggs.

Protesters threw a smoke bomb, however, it did not cause any damage. Citizens threw stones at the office as well. Police did not allow the protesters to approach the object.

Several hundred citizens have come out a second day to protest against the President’s decision to pardon politicians who have pre-trial, investigative proceedings or convictions.

The protest began today in-front of the Special Public Prosecution’s Office in support of the prosecutors and their work. Citizens then headed towards the Office of the President and according to announcements, will head to the headquarters of the ruling party.

Some protesters wanted to protest before the Government building, so there is a possibility the procession will be heading there.

Protesters say they will not end protests until Ivanov withdraws the disgraceful decision to pardon the politicians.

Throughout the city centre the increased police presence is noticeable with heavy weapons, armored vehicles and water cannons.