The tragedy which happened on May the 9th last year has an architect, and it was all done for money, stated at the lawyer for defendant Deme Shehu in his opening argument at today’s hearing in the “Divo Naselje” trial.

He added that the group had been in the neighbourhood for six days, and said that nor Albanians nor Macedonians complained of their presence or felt in danger.

The lawyer for the defendant Amdi Krasnichi also said in his opening argument that the charges are ridiculous.

“Sami Ukshini (first accused) and I were not the organizers of the group like the Prosecution are making us out to be. From the helpers, I swear on my life I did not know anyone, we were forced to enter the house in Divo Naselje”, said Krasnichi.

With today’s hearing, the trial from the events of May the 9th and 10th last year, started from the beginning, because the Prosecution has decided to merge the trial with the “Molnja” case (meaning “lightening”), in which 8 people stand accused of providing logistical support to the group from Kumanovo.

At today’s hearing, all defendants again entered not guilty pleas.