Извор: Скриншот од одржаната он-лајн дебата

Out of 751 leadership positions in 17 municipalities that were analyzed throughout North Macedonia, 553 of them were held by men, while 198 were held by women. The research, part of the “Gender Analysis of Leadership Positions and Municipality Programs 2020/2021,” shows that the decisions made on municipality levels are being made by men. This was the conclusion that was shared by Ljupka Trajanovska, the manager of the team of researchers in this project during yesterday’s debate “Challenges for the Gender Equality in the Decision-making Process.”

Trajanovska presented the research which showed that out of 17 mayors and presidents of municipality councils, only two mayors are women and twopresidents of municipality councils. Among the members of municipality councils, 189 of the members, while 89 are women, but the greater representation of women in municipal councils is due to the current Election Code, where there is a quota of 30% for the women on election lists for councilors.

Apart from these quotas, the research that was implemented by the Center for Researching and Policy Makindin cooperation with Journalists for Human Rights, the Rural Coalition, Roma Women and Youth Association – Luludi and EHO – Shtip, shows that among the presidents of urban and local communities in these 17 municipalities there are only 3 women, while 217 men were appointed to this position. Against this, the kindergarten directors, 15 are female directors while in these municipalities there is one male who was appointed as kindergarten director.