Фото: Суад Бајрами

At today’s session, the Government of North Macedonia accepted the Commission for Infectious Diseases’ proposals and adopted the changes with which, starting from tomorrow, the 28th of April (Wednesday), the ban on movement of the population and the vehicles throughout the country is shortened and instead of starting at 8 pm, it will start from 9 pm and last until 5 am.

An exception from this special regime of movement are the evening hours between the 1st and 2nd of May i.e. during Orthodox Easter and the evening between 13th and 14th of May i.e. during the Muslim holiday of Ramazan Bayram (Eid al-Fitr), informed the Government.

Starting from tomorrow, all catering facilities will be able to work regularly but only their summer terraces i.e. the open parts of the facilities, no later than 8.30 pm, after which they will be closed for visitors. The facilities for weddings, birthdays, baptisms and similar celebrations will be able to work as the other facilities i.e. their terraces, but the ban on organizing weddings, baptisms, birthdays, and similar celebrations remains.

An exception are catering facilities at international airports including hospitality facilities (hotels, motels, hostels, guest houses, and similar facilities) for persons that are lodging there and for the staff.

The new measures will stay in force until the 15th of May.