At today’s meeting of the Steering Committee for crises, it was concluded that the situation with the weather was caused by adverse weather conditions, and is generally stable.

“Currently, traffic has been brought to a standstill on the Stip-Veles road near the Three Fountains because a heavily loaded vehicle is blocking the way, and several roads leading to the mountain villages at a higher altitude”, said Nadica Vchkova from the Center for Crisis Management (CUK).

The Head of the office for Emergency Medical Assistance, Aneta Dimovska pointed out that yesterday in Skopje, there had been 149 interventions including four fractures in a public place, two car accidents with two individuals injured and one person in a hypothermic state.

Atanas Kovachevski, a spokesman for EVN, said the energy system is generally stable, with some small problems in rural areas.