Crvenkovski to Ivanov: Delete my name and surname from your shameful decision


Former President of Macedonia, Branko Crvenskovski, sent a letter to President Gjorge Ivanov. In the letter, Crvenkovski requested Ivanov immediately withdraw the decision on pardons, where he named the former President. In the letter, Crvenkovski said that if things depended on him, for people like President Ivanov, nor would there be a negotiation, nor, would he expect anything from them.

“In yesterday’s issue of the” Official Gazette “of the Republic of Macedonia was published the content of your anti-democratic, anti-state and anti-legal decision. The content of your decision and its purpose is shameful and contrary to common sense. Although nothing can surprise me from your side, yet I was still amazed when I saw my name. Mr. Ivanov, not only is there no basis for such a thing (as there are no criminal charges or any proceedings against me), but, more importantly, none of you, nor anyone else for that matter ,do I seek or accept any pardon or amnesty. Therefore, I urge you to immediately change the decision, and to delete my name from it. With you, and those who stand behind you, if things depended on me, no would there be negotiations, nor, would I expect anything from you. Long ago, we would have seen  each other on different sides of the barricades at the crucial meeting for our people and their fate. I hope that all the others whose names are mentioned in your resentful scandalous decision, refuse your mercy and show a glimmer of dignity”, said the letter from Branko Crvenkovski.

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