Last night, just before midnight, a forty-six year old man from Skopje, was wounded in a shootout on Partizanski Odredi Boulevard. According to preliminary information, the victim has been identified as Daniel T, who immediately after the incident was taken to the Clinic for Anesthesiology, Reanimation and Intensive Care (KARIL), where he was operated on.

The shootout was preceded by a car chase that began from “Makpetrol” gas station on Ilinden Boulevard and continued down Partizanski Odredi Boulevard

Daniel T. who, according to unofficial sources, was wounded by several bullets in the shootout, lost control of his vehicle and his “Golf 5” rolled over on Partizanski Odredi Boulevard. He was pulled out his vehicle and immediately transferred to the hospital while the gunman remained on the run.

The MOI has yet to release an official statement regarding information on the incident. There has been public speculation that the gunfight was between criminal gangs, however there have been allegations that last night’s incident has a political background.

Deutsche Welle” in their Macedonian edition, wrote an article on the suspicion that there is a connection between last night’s incident to an incident that occurred on April 17, this year, when a fight broke out in a restaurant in the “Bunjakovec” mall where three identified and several unknown persons stabbed a man in the head with a sharp object. According to unofficial information, the injured individual known as G.K. (41) is the bodyguard of former Director of the Administration of Security and Counterintelligence (UBK) Saso Mijalkov. Allegedly, brothers Daniel and Dejan T., known as “the Gjorce twins”(as in the municipality Gjorce Petrov) were involved in this fight.

The newspaper “Dnevnik” on August 5 of this year, printed an article on its front page under the headline “The Criminal-Political Underground Never Rest” where they wrote:

“Skopje resident Daniel Trajkovski, twin brother to Dejan Trajkovski, who is on the run for alleged attempted murder, under the name Perla Trajkovska, sent serious threats and attempted to extort 50 million euros from businessman and owner of MPM, Orce Kamcev as well as and the ex-director of UBK, Saso Mijalkov.

“A target costs two euros and your best man cannot defend you from that … So in the end, it will be 2 euros for Kamcev’s head and two euros for Mijalkov’s head, the service will cost four euros, without labour … Free labour … or you will pay 50 million euros or the taxi metre starts rolling … Orce Kamcev, remember that in Debar from where we come from, there is no place for two lions. Daniel the twin! Long live Zoran Zaev, the future Prime Minister of Macedonia! With you Mr President, until death , “said Trajkovski’s message, which was not only addressed to Kamcev and Mijalkov, but also to Nikola Gruevski”.