In the 72-year existence of the Basic Court Skopje 1, there has never been such behavior and contempt of court, judiciary and towards a judge conducting proceedings, as shown by Special Public Prosecutor, Katica Janeva and SPO prosecutor, Fatime Fetai, at today’s hearing concerning the violence outside the municipality Center in June 2013, reacted the Criminal Court.

“As a court, for the purpose of transparently informing the citizens and in the public’s interest, we must say that in terms of today, the public prosecutors of the determined prosecution, Katica Janeva and Fatime Fetai in the presence of the public in the courtroom, showed their relationship to the court’s authority in the country. They behaved rudely, extremely unprofessionally, they abused the right to express themselves and walked over every principle of the prosecutorial code of ethics”, said a statement from the court.

Judge Tatjana Mihajlova, the statement added, “calmly and dignified, as a representative of the judiciary should”, noted in the records every word and an insult to her personally and to the court, where she repeatedly warned the public prosecutors “to refrain from making insults and to act within the framework of professional ethics.”