In a heated political atmosphere that isn’t losing its intensity, the judges and the main court instances have put on standby the key trials and sessions, and these days gave themselves a leave by joining together Easter holidays and the First of May.

The Constitutional Court doesn’t have any session set for this week, and there is no agenda published of a session for the next week.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court has postponed its session. Apparently, due to a hospital leave for a part of the judges.

After a month a half break, during the first days of May, the party leaders of two of the biggest political parties VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM, Nikola Gruevski and Zoran Zaev, will have to appear at the court for the cases that are led against them at the criminal Court in Skopje.

For the first week of May, the trial of the former Cheif at the Agency for Security and Counter-Intelligence (UBK) Goran Grujovski, a suspect in the SPO’s case “Fortress 2.”

So far, for none of these three cases, an official trial process hasn’t started and the set hearings are regularly delayed.