Фото: Онлајн петиција Sloboda za Pale Ilovska

The Basic Court – Veles yesterday acquitted 23-year old Pale Iloska from Veles, who last year stabbed and murdered her violent partner in self-defense last year. She was accused of involuntary manslaughter.

In her ruling, Judge Gabriela Gajdova, stated that Iloska was brought to a life-threatening situation because at that moment she was being strangled and abused by her unwed husband. With the DNA that was found under the nails of the late policeman, it was determined that he was indeed strangling her.

According to the findings of forensics, at the moment she was attacked, she was fighting to breathe and to defend herself, she grabbed the first object that was nearby.

Her partner succumbed to the injuries caused by the knife stabbings in his chest, and this happened after a series of attacks on Iloska.

The case of Pale Iloska caused fierce reactions in the general public after it was revealed that she reported brutal abuse from her partner several times,

The late Aleksandar Ristovski (40), a police officer, hasn’t been pursued for harassment.

Prior to the court trial, Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Gender Equality Platform, the National Network Against the Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence, and the Network for Protection Against Discrimination consider that the situation that Pale Iloska found herself in was an act of self-protection, i.e. a “necessity defense”, and not involuntary manslaughter.