The measure for detention for one of the suspects in the “Vault” case which was submitted by the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office was denied, announced the Basic Court Skopje 1. The statement indicated that the judge for the preliminary hearing denied the SPO’s request.

This afternoon, however, the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office then filed a motion for the recusal of the judge of the preliminary hearing, who is meant to decide on the precautionary measures for the suspects in the “Vault” case.

Artan Ajro, a prosecutor from the SPO who will be handling the case said that the reasons for the recusal will be explained by the Special Public Prosecution.

Nikola Dodovski, the lawyer to the suspects said he does not know and is not competent to answer why the SPO is requesting the judge be disqualified.

Today, reporters from noon waited outside the courthouse but did not see any suspects entering or coming out of the Criminal Court. When reporters asked defense attorney Dodovski whether his clients were in the building, he replied: Of course.