Cost of ministers’ expenses from state institution buffets to be made public


The current Government plans not only to publish the full adopted agenda of Government sessions, but to publish materials and records from the sessions, said Robert Popovski, the minister without portfolio in charge of communications, accountability and transparency, at today’s meeting with representatives from the media and non-governmental organizations, where they discussed current policies and processes related to the transparency and work of the Government.

Regarding the publication of the documents that are necessary for submitting a request for free access to information, so far, they have been published by ministries, and this list has been extended to other institutions, while the municipalities and those institutions that the Government does not have direct jurisdiction over, recommendations for publishing these documents were sent to citizens and the media to be able to submit such requests more easily.

“All expenses incurred by ministers, deputy ministers and state secretaries in the period from June the 1st to December the 1st, means the first 6 months. We had a dilemma whether the buffet in the Government, the buffet in the Ministry of Traffic and Communications, etc., are subject to publication and, yes they are, so in the end, we can see how much water and how many coffees we have drank. This is our job and our responsibility”, said Popovski.

Declassification of information is underway, and the Government is working on the case, however, Popovski said that there are problems as well, because the Government faces issues such as when and from what date the declassification begins.

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