The coronavirus pandemic and the imposing of curfew have significantly reduced the collection of highway toll in Macedonia. The Public Enterprise for State Roads said for that the income from the collection of highway toll during the period between January and April 2020 were reduced by 9.79 % compared to the same period, last year.

The only positive news during the coronavirus pandemic arrive from the use of electronic toll collection. In the period between July 2019 and May 2020, 16.933 electronic devices were sold, out of which 10.832 M-Smart cards and 6.101 tags. A total income of 3.246.717 EUR was collected and during this period, a total of 87.660 single top ups for the cards and the tags were made.

Since the start of this year and up until the midst of May 2020, 3.226 of these electronic devices were sold which indicated that the number of drivers that use the electronic toll payment is on the rise and are benefiting the discounts of 2 to 7% at the payment stations.