Constitutional Court rules that all state officials, judges, and prosecutors will receive full salaries instead of minimal wages


During today’s session, the Constitutional Court decided to temporarily stop the three decrees by the government during the state of crisis. It’s about the decree where all elected, appointed persons in the public sector will receive a minimal wage of 14.500 denars during April and May. This means that the implementation of the degree has been annulled because the Constitutional Court has started a procedure to evaluate the constitutionality and the lawfulness of this decree,

Among others that this decree refers to are state officials, prosecutors, and judges as well. Apart from this, the Constitutional court also started a procedure to evaluate the constitutionality of the decree that bans the payment of salary additions in the public sector during a state of crisis, including the decree which is a payment of delayed salaries to SPO’s officials.

The Government issued a press release about this decision, that indicates that the started procedure by the Constitutional Court is undermining the solidarity in the country and is directly damaging the securing of assets that will help in the fight against the Covid-19. They expressed their disappointment from this decision, for which they said it is scandalous.

-With this decision, the Constitutional Court directly prevents the allocation of about 240 million denars in the Budget, which are used in the COVID-19 preventive efforts, says the Government press release.

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