Constitutional judges unanimously voted for the decision to launch an initiative to assess the constitutionality of the dissolution of Parliament.

The final decision on whether the dissolution of Parliament is constitutional will be announced by the Constitutional Court next week, and until then temporary measures have been applied to stop all actions arising from the disputed decision of the Parliament to continue.

Constitutional judge Ismet Darlista, who was a judge-rapporteur, explained the initiative highlighting outstanding issues posed by the decision from Parliament for its dissolution. Firstly, it was postponed from the 18th of January and then the decision was made to dissolve Parliament and was adopted on the 23rd of February. Darlista said that with these decisions made by Parliament, they expanded their jurisdiction which is unacceptable for any state institution, and especially for the home of legislation.

Constitutional Court President, Elena Goseva, in her speech, said it would set an example and they will vote for initiating a procedure to evaluate the dissolution of Parliament, taking into account the situation where state authorities find themselves are under blockade.

“I think the court has to examine these debated decisions”, said Gosheva.

Otherwise, last night unknown persons threw paint at the entrance of the Constitutional Court. Gosheva said that the court is under attack, which is unacceptable in a democratic state, adding that the perpetrators will not achieve their goal by continuously putting pressure on the court, as the court will not stop working.