According to civil society organizations,while addressing the International Community, minimal requirements have still not been met to dissolve parliament and to call for credible elections the citizens of Macedonia will believe in.

“If Parliament was dissolved on April 7th, 2016 and the Chairman of the SEC does not sign the electoral roll, or does not give his approval for its use in the election, then a legal vacuum is created or, rather, legal chaos which has been present in Macedonia for a long time now. In this sort of situation, the political and institutional crisis will deepen, and the consequences are difficult to predict. That is why we believe the decision to dissolve the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia should be reconsidered, and to adopt that step when all the conditions for fair and democratic elections are met, ” said civil society organizations. They also urged the SEC to announce, without delay, when preparations for fair, free and democratic elections will be finished.

Civil society organizations believe that without media reforms, there are no conditions for fair, free and democratic elections.

“Such trends in these key areas thoroughly undermine the Przino Agreement and its primary objective, to allow institutions to be released from the parties grip and to provide instruments that will help the interim government organize free, fair, democratic and credible elections,” said the civil organizations in one of their addresses to the public.

The address was signed by the Macedonian Center for European Education, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, NGO Info-center Foundation “Open Society” – Macedonia, “Transparency” – Macedonia, Foundation “Metamorphosis” and the Institute for Human Rights.