At today’s plenary session 103 in Parliament, MPs have to decide whether to form a Commission for the impeachment of President Gjorgi Ivanov, because of his decision to pardon a large number of politicians and their close associates.

This point was not originally part of today’s agenda, however, the Office of Public Relations of Parliament submitted it this morning to the media, so it would be added later on, in addition to the agenda of the legislature.

If MPs adopt the decision to form a “Commission for assessing the merits of the proposal to initiate a procedure for accountability of the President of the Republic of Macedonia”, them they will have seven days to submit a report on the merits of the proposal by the opposition for impeachment, and then submit it to Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanovski.

Then, he would have to schedule a new session to debate the report and the proposal from the opposition.
For this draft proposal to pass, it requires a two-thirds majority vote of the Parliament to impeach the President.

Ilija Dimovski, the Coordinator of the parliamentary group of the VMRO-DPMNE on Friday last week said they would not vote for the formation of such a commission because they believe that President Ivanov did not violate the Constitution “Whether people like it or not”.

He called on the instigators for forming such a commission to withdraw their proposal, because according to him, there are no constitutional grounds for such a procedure.