“June the 6th has a strong meaning for us all, it is a date covered with blood and engraved in our memories. It was the day we learned exactly how cruel and brutal the government is when they tried to cover-up the murder of a child, Martin Neshkovski “, said the statements today by the “Colourful Revolution” and the “I protest” movement.

Today, protests are expected to attract larger numbers of people than previous protests.

“We have given them enough time! The hour has come to end this crisis! We call on everybody to come at 18:00 outside the SPO, to announce the end of this criminal reign in Macedonia. To be precise, to be in numbers and to be loud! We all need to say loudly and clearly what we want! Our patience has come to an end! No more excuses and avoiding the citizens, who for almost two months now have bravely and persistently fought against the regime ” says the statement on their event page on “Facebook”.

Civil movements “Colourful Revolution” and “I protest” have stated that today they will announce their uncompromising plan for a way out of the crisis with solid terms and no deviations.

“We withdraw the red line! From Monday, we start counting! The crisis has lasted long enough! On Monday, the citizens will tell them how to overcome this crisis! They will stop seeing us at six o’clock, and start seeing us every day – getting stronger. From June the 6th, nothing will be the same!” Says the announcement for tonight’s event.