“This sleepy riverside town in Macedonia is home to dozens of website operators who churn out bogus stories designed to attract the attention of Americans. Each click adds cash to their bank accounts”, says “CNN” in a long story about the young people from Veles who earned lots of money, writing fake news that favoured President Donald Trump, when he was a candidate for President.

One of those who have this website is the 24-year-old from Veles who presented himself to “CNN” as Michael, who publishes political stories that are often based on the wrong facts.

“I don’t care if the news are fake, because the people are reading”, he said. “At 22, I was earning more than someone in Macedonia will ever learn in his entire life”. My main goal is to prepare a website just the same like the one I had before, for the next elections for President in the US for 2020”, says Mihail.

He claims to have earned up to $2,500 a day from advertising on his website, while the average monthly income in Macedonia is just $426.

Unlike the previous one, the new Macedonian Government, writes “CNN”, is very critical of the new industry that is developing in Veles.

“We will take the initiative for a globally coordinated effort to deal with fake news, and we also encourage our civil society to help prevent this phenomenon by creating tools for detecting fake news”, said Government Spokesman, Mile Bosnjakovski.

But, those who are engaged in fake news still have at least one official supporter – the Mayor of Veles, Slavcho Chadiev, “CNN” concludes.

“If we speak realistically, every city wants popularity. The most important thing is that no law has been violated. There is no morality in politics, there is no immorality. Everything is allowed in politics”, said Chadiev.