Classroom teaching is vital, the rules for the schools are being prepared in North Macedonia


Certain schools in North Macedonia have better spatial conditions, others are less competent in this regard. At some schools, there may be a large number of pupils, so working in shifts will have to be introduced and at some there are smaller classrooms and working in shifts will not be required. Therefore, the teaching process with physical presence will take place in different ways in different schools, but what is important to stress it will take place in classrooms. There will be no unified rules that will apply to all schools in the country.

This was said by Dr. Aleksandar Stojanov, an epidemiologist and an acting director of the Public Health Center, and a member of the Infectious Diseases Commission, who during a meeting with representatives of various ministries spoke about the rules that will apply to schools and kindergartens starting from the next school year. He explains that the Ministry of Education and Science has suggested several options, among them a combined way of teaching (both traditional and online), but a final decision about it will be made on the 10th of August.

Unofficially, according to the new rules, there may not be main recesses in order to avoid any student groupings and probably they will have their meals in the classroom instead of at student’s cafeteria. Also, the use of the toilet may be limited.

-There are classrooms with over 30 children, so it is necessary to organize the classes differently i.e. to introduce working in shifts. There will be no single rules that will apply to all – said Dr. Stojanov.

Stojanov says it may be possible to make a decision to limit the enrollment of all children in the kindergartens i.e. only the children whose parents have no other option for keeping the child at home, will be able to enroll it in kindergarten.

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