A total of 14 civil organizations, including the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia, the Metamorphosis Foundation and the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia, today issued a second response to the government, setting a deadline of 10 days to determine accountability for former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski’s escape. Otherwise, say the civil sector, political accountability will be demanded from top officials.

“We strongly condemn the inaction of the institutions regarding the conduct of the investigations related to determining the shortcomings and responsibility of the escape of former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski. We demand the investigations be completed urgently and within 10 days, and accountability for shortcomings, possible non-compliance or complicity be determined. Otherwise, we will seek political responsibility from top officials. We appeal that Macedonia’s EU perspective not be undermined, which depends on the rule of law. Namely, more than two weeks have passed since the announcement of our first reaction and response. The failure to take any responsibility despite indications of serious shortcomings and non-compliance with the provisions of the Law on Execution of Sanctions and the Rulebook on the Manner of Performing Police Affairs by the Basic Court Skopje 1 and the Ministry of the Interior raises doubts that there is no will to establish the truth. By doing so, we are again entering a magical circle of maintaining a culture of impunity,” say the organizations.

To read the full text of the reaction and a list of all signatories click here.