Civil organizations demand to be included in the negotiations


“The direct participation of civil organizations in the negotiations is necessary for finding a way out of the crisis and the democratization of Macedonia”, appealed today 88 civil organizations through a letter addressed to the EU Delegation in Macedonia, the US Embassy, and to the four parties signatories to the Pržino Agreement.

“Our organizations, groups, coalitions, and movements are available with all their capacities and are willing to get involved in resolving the crisis by providing appropriate expert analysis, proposals and other advisory assistance by establishing a direct link with citizens and advocating their rights, interests, needs and requirements”, said Simona Spirkovska from the “Colourful Revolution.”

Civil organizations believe that the course and outcome of the negotiations should be clear, unambiguously presented and explained to the citizens, and with that, they can guarantee that their negative experiences will never be repeated.

“We will make available the expertise of all interested organizations, civil society coalitions and independent experts and this way, they will be able o offer solutions that the parties would not otherwise have considered. This model implies the presence of various representatives of civil society during all the conversations and negotiations that make up the process of the talks. In the role as direct supervisors and consultants, they will be prepared in the topics that will be the subject of discussions and negotiations”, said the activist Petrit Saracini.

Civil organizations say that their involvement does not mean that they expect to have a mandate or have a certain role, authority and mandate to make decisions within the negotiations.

Protests will not be put on hold, but, as representatives of civil organizations explained, the pressure will be realized through various actions of protest, all expressed in a democratic framework.

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