“Civil” Asks Political Parties to Reveal their Campaigns’ Source of Financing


“Civil” has stressed that in Republic of Macedonia an extremely expensive pre-election campaign is being run, and political parties do not provide information about the sources of their financing.

“An expensive campaign is being led, it’s non-transparent, and no one knows where the political parties are finding finances for their campaigns. We have tried to send requests to all parties to reveal their source of financing.  Unfortunately, out of 70 parties only 5 responded as to how they finance their campaigns. The media are a different story. Unfortunately, none of what was agreed upon in the Pržino Agreement has been accomplished. Still, there is a hate speech”, said Sinisa Stankovic, the editor of “Civil”.

According to “Civil”, at the moment in Macedonia, there are no conditions for real, fair and democratic conditions for elections however there is no time or space for another delay in the elections.