Several thousands of people who are protesting under the motto “To defend the Constitution from the Constitutional Court” and went by the Government, and gathered outside the building of the new Macedonian National Theatre. There is a set of fencing where a several dozen police officers stand, and behind them are armored vehicles and members of the special police forces. They are not allowing them to reach the plateau in front of the Constitutional Court where a group of citizens have already gathered to, as they say, to defend the institutions.

Before the citizens activist Petrit Saracini addressed the crowd, who said it was a great shame that thousands of citizens are being prevented from exercising their constitutional right to protest.

“It’s nice that we have been forced into this space before the theater, since they are currently playing a dirty theatrical game with the people. This government full of rage wants to become enemies of the people, but we will not allow it. The citizens who are on the other side are frightened. Every day something in them dies a little. Someone tells them what to do, what to eat and how to vote. Here are the free citizens. We ask that you provide us access to the Constitutional Court in order to achieve our constitutionally guaranteed right to protest”, said Saracini.

Saracini said that their demands are clear, and that is, the resignations of the five judges who usurped the Constitutional Court who work by party orders, as well as the withdrawal of the motion that would allow amnesty for pedophiles, drug dealers and people who have committed electoral fraud and other serious electoral crimes.

Activist Jane Gjorgjioski said that the five judges made party orchestrated decisions and by doing so, abused the sovereignty entrusted to them by the citizens.

The protest civil initiatives, supported by the parties from the opposition continues. It is expected, that soon, while some of the organizers are negotiating with the police to let the protest continue to the Constitutional Court, a theatrical performance will be held.

The protest was attended by senior officials and MPs from the opposition party and the Zoran Zaev, the leader of the SDSM.