Zarko Karadzoski of the Institute for Public Health informed today that yesterday two persons arrived from China that have been hired by Sinohidro, a Chinese company. These are persons that have already been in self-isolation in China for a period of 2 weeks.

-With a full protective equipment and together with two laboratory assistants from the department of virology we met the two persons at the airport and we acted in accordance with all criteria for implementation of epidemiological examination. We talked about their health condition. During the self-isolation period of 2 weeks these people didn’t have any signs of contagion, said Karadzoski.

In accordance with the protocols, both persons have been put under health surveillance in an isolated room fora period of 14 days.

-All people arriving from China will be carried out in an isolated room and will be taken samples for microbiological analyses and smear on bit will basis of which the presence of corona virus will be diagnosed. They are also going to be put under 14 day surveillance in accordance with legal regulations and regulations – said Karadzoski.